Company History

Over twenty years ago, Douglas Sharratt had a dream. At the time it was a small dream… he wanted a processor made by one company to talk to a Modbus device made by a different company. So, he went into his garage and came out with a chip that made it possible. Today the multi-million dollar company of ProSoft Technology is still selling that Modbus Communication Module, along with over 400 other communication solutions.


1988: An idea is born

While working on a project for Mobil Oil, Douglas Sharratt, founder and President of ProSoft Technology, discovered that the Rockwell Automation PLC processors he was using needed a way to communicate with a SCADA host via the Modbus protocol. After some commercial discussions with Allen-Bradley he went to his garage and developed an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory) based solution for the 1771-DB (PLC-5 BASIC) module that allowed the PLC-5 platform to communicate via Modbus. The end result: The first Modbus Slave Communication Module for the PLC-5 platform was born.

That single chip led to a partnership with the technology giant Rockwell Automation and in 1990 ProSoft Technology was formally incorporated.



With a firm dedication to quality of product and support, Douglas Sharratt’s vision remains the driving force behind the extremely active product development at ProSoft Technology, and has managed to position ProSoft Technology as a leader in the industrial communications industry.