Customer References

ProSoft Technology is a customer focused organization. From our development to our sales and support services, our goal remains to deliver a quality product backed by a knowledgeable, helpful group of application engineers who can walk our customers through their challenges from commissioning to maintenance through the life of a product. Learn what people like you have to say about the performance of our products and staff through their own applications and experiences.

Customer Quotes

Phil Sanders, Project Manager, Contra Costa Electric

“When I first began using ProSoft communication modules, I called the ProSoft Technology Tech Support for help with my configuration of a 3150 module for the SLC. The ProSoft Technology support engineer asked me to come by the office and said he would help me to get started. After an hour of intense training and configuration help I was ready to go back to my application and my installation job was so much easier. What other vendor offers that kind of support? After I recognized the value of such a services I became a regular ProSoft customer.”

Terry Davis, President of Meter Maintenance and Controls, Inc., a turnkey system integration company

“I’ve been using ProSoft products for years…possibly since we first started as a company so it was a no brainer. Now we use the gateway in all the plants.”

Dave Swalwell, Senior Systems Engineer of Laing Limited, a system integration company in the U.K

“Our clients have repeatedly asked for Modbus, Modbus Plus and PROFIBUS connections, hence the ProLinx modules are an ideal interface,”

Fernando Dorgan, ISI Solutions

“We recommended the use of a Rockwell platform early on as we wanted to add a highly functional backplane and flow computer. The challenges were significant. Camisea’s pipelines needed flow management control with a solution that could fit the Allen-Bradley backplane. What really made the Rockwell platform functional for Camisea was ProSoft Technology’s involvement in solving Camisea’s flow computer needs with their in-rack AFC Module.”

 George Vriese of R&W Engineering

 "I had been aware of the ProSoft Modbus module for some time and knew it would do the job we needed."

Arne Sigfredsen of Automatic Syd,, regarding a milling project in Egypt 

“With the ProSoft module, one miller can easily monitor the entire plant and, in case of emergencies, temporarily take over control until another miller has reached the specific machine to solve the problem. This is a cost effective savings, since it takes fewer personnel and you get a lot of information such as alarms, stock levels, motor loads, etc. from the plant.”

Francisco Carlos Campana Aragon, Senior Equipment Engineer for Petrobras

“Thanks to the interaction between ProSoft’s MVI46-AFC and the SLC processor, we could implement an automated system for calculation and presentation of results totally compatible with the level of automation used in our plant. The test system for each extraction plant was only possible totally automatically without volume loss because of the ProSoft flow computers and the PLC and SLC processors. If we had chosen the old solutions using EMEDs (dedicated flow computers) the costs would have been much greater. The ProSoft modules are a success story for us. The integration between the MVI46-AFC and the 2100-AGA flow computers along with the flexibility of the SLC and PLC processors were the decisive factor in that success.” 

Francois Ruel, Automation Project Manager for Cascades, Inc.

“By making use of the data collected by the Data Historian on one machine in one mill, we were able to save $20,000 on energy costs in one month alone.”

John Stephenson, Project Manager for Systems Interface at a wastewater project in Seattle

“ProSoft’s Modbus Communication Modules function independent of the PLC, sharing the task of communications and allowing the processor module to concentrate on control and data functions.”

Alex Xu, Manager for Shanghai Yuandong Science & Technology Ltd., a System Integrator

“The 3100-MCM module played an important role in the second phase of this project. Without the ProSoft module, this phase could not have been realized.”

Roman Fila, Autel, a system integrator

“Installation of the MVI94-MCM module proved not only to be the most technically feasible,
but also came at an advantageous price.”

Elian Jessen from HV-Turbo in Denmark said of the Jerusalem Wastewater Treatment Plant

“Since this project was completed we have ordered 25 similar modules for connecting some of our other specially sedisned control panels to our customer’s main panels in six refinery plants in India, with great success using our own multipurpose software for the MCM.”

 Brian Daugherty, Limitorque.

“The Limitorque communication module allows Hess to obtain the desired diagnostic data
directly from the DDC-100 network thereby gaining better control and reducing costs.”

David Watts, System Integrator and Owner DWC Technology

“When I arrived in Iraq to network the new state-of-the-art Nasiriyah Water Treatment Plant, I discovered a mix of Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric controls. The problem was getting the Quantum PLC to communicate with the Controllogix. I had never used a ProSoft Technology interface module before. And, of course, there were no manuals or cables on location to help me with this so I called ProSoft Tech Support who helped get me up and running in no time.”

Danny Burns, Operations Manager for Prousys, Inc. the System Integrator

“The new system now gives the water district full control of all remote sites. The SCADA system can now track station flow rates, overflow events, well level, in-flow and out-flow. They also have the capability to detect numerous system failures including power, high/low voltage, phase imbalance, high/low amperes, frequency, load factor and low water level. Since the ProSoft modules communicate over the backplane with the Allen-Bradley processors, they were critical to the success of this project. ProSoft provided the ‘missing link’ in the communication chain, seamlessly allowing connectivity between these differing networks.”

Tao Weifeng, Chief Engineer, Xin Ning Water Development

“The control system was developed by Rockwell Automation GTS, so the first solution they gave us was ProSoft’s 3100-MCM. We think this is a good solution. The connection between the ProSoft module and RA PLC products is very easy and programming is simple.”


Quotes about our Schneider Electric Solutions

Dan Galyas, Executive Product Application Engineer, Schneider Electric

“My ProSoft experience was delightful. ProSoft’s DeviceNet module is so much easier to use than other vendors’ modules I have used, and ProSoft’s module works with Unity Pro. Plus, the ProSoft User Manual is excellent and made working with this module a pleasure.”

Joe Coccimiglio, AVAD Industrial

“This solution has improved every aspect of the plant…functionality, speed and convenience. We recently finished converting three neighboring plants to this solution, standardizing the facilities and making the solution a very important part of the Canadian hydro electricity market.”

Joe Coccimiglio, AVAD Industrial

“The ProTalk Q-DNP module was the only in-rack solution available. It was this type of quality solution, provided by ProSoft, which helped eliminate the need for a third-party “black box” converter, thus eliminating a potential point of failure. It also allowed AVAD to provide local service and support for all of the equipment.”


Quotes about our Industrial Wireless Solutions

Chris Deakin of Boss Automation, regarding CANO Petroleum’s Cockrell Ranch Waterflood project

“The process is incredibly reliable, consistent and makes for an essentially self-managed site. From the main SCADA monitoring station, the operators are able to see virtual diagrams of the wells and what is going on within them, as well as all the data collected by the RTUs and control units. The wireless network works so seamlessly and reliably that it is virtually transparent to the user. When all was said and done I asked the customer how they liked the wireless network. Their response: what wireless network?”

Jouni Aarnu, Application Sales and Key Account Manager, Wood and BioEnergy, at Schneider Electric Finland

“When we started the water/wastewater treatment plant retrofit, we had no one locally with any specific RF expertise. We provided ProSoft Technology Technical Support Engineers with the basic engineering and layout of the network, then they supplied us with the recommended lists of accessories for each radio location. The wireless network implementation was an easy job for us and our integrator. We learned from this first project with ProSoft Technology.”

Robert Dunlop, Sr. Electrical and Automation Project Engineer, Andritz Inc

“I use ProSoft’s radios all the time for this type of application. The main advantage of using high speed Ethernet radio systems is that they help the cranes avoid collisions on both the network and on the track. Plus, operating wirelessly creates a significant cost savings ($10,000 for materials alone) by eliminating additional communication bus bars and festooning cables.”

Todd Loggins of the Clinton Utilities board

“We are pleased with ProSoft Technology’s wireless equipment. Instead of having to install separate networks, we have been able to build a single wireless network to meet the needs of our Ethernet equipment, as well as our serial equipment.”

Mike Gottwald, Corporate Engineer for RiverStone Group Inc. a subsidiary of Central Stone

“I wanted to use wireless because wire is such a big headache. I started with consumer-grade radios, which were a disaster. The classifying plant is on the other side of a major highway and the consumer radios would shut off when a plane flew by. We had several industrial radio companies look at this application. Some told us it couldn’t be done. Others told us we would need expensive repeaters. ProSoft Technology came along and simply did it. ProSoft’s RadioLinx modems are by far the most robust radios I have ever found. RadioLinx is a complete wireless Ethernet package. For this application it was just plug and play.”

Gene Johnson, project manager for the wireless automation project for ThyssenKrupp Waupaca

“We were impressed with the ease of setting up the wireless Ethernet radios using the provided software that gave us the signal strength information for the best mounting location.”

Bob Petrie, Throughput Technologies

“The fact that the transmission mode is Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum is important. There are many other radio-based systems in these plants and it is reassuring to know that interference from other applications will not affect the performance of the system that we supplied.”

Wolfhard Scherping, Pericom, regarding a wireless water/wastewater project in Bonn, Germany.

“Why change this system? ISDN has small bandwidth, poor availability and monthly costs. RadioLinx will allow us to transmit live video, save recurring costs for lease lines and reduce the number of false alarms due to problems with the ISDN connection.”

Mike Gottwald, Electrical Engineer, RiverStone Quarry Group

“I wanted to use wireless because wire is such a big headache. We tried consumer radios. They were a disaster. They shut off when a plane flew by. We had several industrial radio companies look at this application. Some told us it couldn’t be done. ProSoft came along and simply did it. ProSoft’s RadioLinx modems are by far the most robust radios I have ever found. RadioLinx is a complete wireless Ethernet package.”  

Josep Manuel Fernandez, Asset Management supervisor in Barcelona, Spain

“GMS Asset Management in Spain proposed the new ProSoft-RadioLinx wireless solution that met all the customer requirements, and is easy to configure using RadioLinx configuration software thereby allowing checking the radio power. The wireless connection is totally transparent to RSLinx. This success could also be booked thanks to our Encompass program that helps us to offer our customer the right product and solution with full connectivity to Rockwell Automation architectures.”

Joe DiFerdinando, the Electrical Engineer with Granger Electric

"Because the plants are so spread out, we opted to use wireless at those points to save on installation. We just needed to find a product that is robust and easy to implement. ProSoft Technology’s water/dust-tight 802.11abg radios were selected. PoE allowed us to plug the radios right into our PACs, plus the casing allows them to be mounted outside without weather concerns. The radios are great. They saved us on installation and simplified implementation. I would recommend them to anyone, and my ProSoft sales representative was incredibly helpful, involved in the process, and knowledgeable on the technology and application. He deserves kudos." 

Industrial IT Department Manager at Central Technical Department

“To collect process data from the pump stations, cabling solution was not ideal option for the site of St Médard en Jalles, so we considered wireless as an option. The RadioLinx Frequency Hopping radios quickly revealed themselves to be the solution.”

Mike Mullins, the Press Maintenance Team Leader, Gestamp Automoción, a tier one Spanish-based automotive supplier

 "The RG-6 coaxial cable we were using to network our transfer presses cost between $9400 and $9500 to replace and that’s not including the cost of the system shutdown every couple of months to replace the cable. But we’ve got a unique application here, involving large moving hunks of steel and wireless did not seem to be an option. What we needed was a radio that could communicate through a ten inch thick plate of steel. As it turned out, our initial concerns that the steel would impede the radio performance were unfounded. When the bolsters interfere with line-of-sight, the radios continuously try to read through the bolsters. The radios work better than expected. We’ve been very happy with them."